Pamela Rushby

Pamela Rushby, Australian author

The Mummy Smugglers of Crumblin Castle 

A thrilling tale of an orphaned heroine, a mysterious mist-shrouded castle in the Fens, mummy unwrapping parties, a family of house-keeping cats, and a thousand-mile journey up the Nile in (illegal) search of ancient Egyptian mummies.

When her guardian is unfortunately eaten by a crocodile, twelve-year-old Hattie Lambton is sent to live with her Great-uncle Sisyphus and Great-aunt Iphigenia in their half-ruined castle in the mist-shrouded Fens. There, she finds her Great-aunt supports the family by conducting mummy unwrapping parties, aided by her assistants, the sinister Ravens.

But soon, a problem arises. It has become illegal to export mummies from Egypt. The Lambtons’ solution? To undertake a thousand-mile journey up the Nile, in search of a new supply of mummies. And to export them, secretly, from Egypt.

On their return to England, Hattie finds herself on the run, desperate to save the souls of ancient Egyptians from wandering in darkness forever. And the Ravens are hot on her trail …



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Book Cover of Mummy Smugglers of Crumblin Castle